Coral group holds a wholesome perspective towards a business and recognizes its potential in transformation of the society.  Standing firmly on the pillars of excellence, integrity and dedication, the group has been able to achieve some of the most coveted milestones in its entrepreneurial journey. Our innovative approach allows us to progress ahead and our path is guided by sound ethics and principles industry.  By perfectly blending the traditional knowledge with dynamic and practical solutions, we endeavour to turn each of our projects into an architectural masterpiece.

Being a customer-first company we assure 100% customer satisfaction. Each of our projects represents the perfect mix of functional precision and aesthetical excellence to offer maximum benefit for investors and best living experience for the end user. Our vast and varied portfolio contains a versatile list of projects across residential as well as commercial sectors. Our futuristic perspective has allowed us to cater to present as well as future needs of the clients that add a long term value to each of our project. Driven by commitment, fuelled by passion and guided by principles, our corporate character and journey is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the reasons that make Coral Group the best choice for all your real estate requirements:

Multi-aspect analysis

Our expert professional team offer a deep, multi-aspect analysis of your investments objectives, budget, long/short term gals and risk-taking capacity. Depending upon these factors they offer you the most substantial consultation and property services that are most suited to your investment goals.

Best relations with high-net-worth clients

Due to our clean history, exemplary services and authoritative knowledge, we share the best rapport with sophisticated business houses, high-end MNCs, international conglomerates and the authentic high-net worth clients. It helps us to guarantee you the best prices and maximum profit on your investment.

Continuous monitoring

One of the major concerns of NRI investors is to continually monitor their investments and decide the most favourable time for taking crucial decisions. Coral group employs the well-designed methodology to supervise your property investments and offer the prompt and precise insights. Our experts are fully proficient in studying property market patterns and instantly identify the market triggers. It enables us to assist you in carrying out the most crucial decisions during most favourable opportunities.

Top of the cream talent

We invest a keen attention while forming our expert NRI panel to include only the most knowledgeable property consultants with a versatile portfolio and proven track record of working successfully with NRI clients. Besides, our experts possess a deep knowledge of various legal and taxation policies that can affect property transactions for NRIs in direct or indirect manner like the latest RBI laws, property laws, etc.